Past Website Design/Redesign Projects

The following are few examples of our accomplishments:

Health Care / Wellness

  • Redesigned website for an in home health care agency.
  • Built first website for a physical therapy office in NJ.
  • Redesigned website for a physical therapist in Brooklyn.
  • First website for a counseling service. (Visual design based on materials provided by another marketing firm.)
  • Developed first website for an urgent care provider.
  • Developed a first website for an urgent health care provider to promote specialized local services for both consumer and B2B.
  • Redesigned B2C website for a martial arts school.
  • Note: During his career, Mr. Reinhart also worked with various Johnson & Johnson brands.

Financial Services


Non-Profit Organizations


  • Redesigned website for a manufacturing company.
  • Developed first website for a B2B manufacturer promoting precision machining and assembly services to domestic and international businesses.

Consumer Focus/Retail

Technology Companies

Consulting Companies

Marketing Companies

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