Should I transcribe my videos?

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Hi Roland,

Quick question for you…do you advise people have their videos transcribed so that search engines can pick-up keywords (or should them simply place keywords in title and description)?



Absolutely! I suggest to paste transcriptions in the blog post where you embed the video player (or audio player if a podcast).

It’s good for the search engines AND also helpful for people who don’t want to watch/listen to the whole recording.

Typing/transcribing a long video can be tedious. You can outsource it to a Virtual Assistant, maybe someone on Fivrr. A trick I’ve used is to play the video back and use an app like Dragon dictation. Then edit the text to clean it up.

You should also learn about your Closed Caption options for YouTube and Facebook:

Good luck!

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  1. March 10, 2017 at 3:15 am

    It is a good suggestion, Roland. Though video content may be easier to comprehend, some people still prefer to read the information. Adding a video transcription you can solve two problems at once.

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