Delete Your Contacts

Yes, you heard me correctly. Start the new year by pruning people from your:

  • Address book
  • Contact Management System
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


It’s just too much. In the end, I strive for QUALITY over QUANTITY. I want a network of professionals (who know and remember me) so that they can help me advance my causes.


Here’s my suggested criteria:

  • You have no idea who the person is… DELETE!
  • If I haven’t spoken to someone in 10 years, and don’t expect to ever again… DELETE!
  • You don’t like the person… DELETE!
  • You’d never hire the person… DELETE!
  • The person routinely publishes opinions that don’t align with how you’d like to be professionally viewed… DELETE!

Some might think it’s a bit harsh. But I believe that it’s liberating. I can search through my connections faster and the results are more meaningful.

So come on, trim some fat this holiday!

Hope you find this helpful.

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