Cheap SSLCertificate — Worth the Risk?

Don't Be Cheap About Your Online Security.
Hi Roland,
I need to purchase a EV multidomain SSL certificate for several websites and I also need to purchase a wildcard SSL certificate for the respective subdomains. I need help finding a reseller that is affordable. Much appreciate the help.

Hi Margie,
GoDaddy has reasonable selection, prices and often promo codes to reduce the cost. I’ve purchased through them without difficulty in the past. Nothing lately.

I’ve purchased from Comodo to install specifically on various InMotion Hosting VPS. Much better experiences the last half dozen times versus several years ago.

Been looking into the free LetsEncrypt, yet I haven’t been able to make it work for me. It’s not easy to set up. Actually may be easier to just find a web host that offers it included.

Ultimately you should check directly with your hosting provider what they suggest AND if there’s anything they wont accept for your specific type of hosting (Shared, VPS, etc.). Talk to their customer support and read their online help/support files.

You might also look into Cloudflare.

Hope that helps.

Roland Reinhart

My host is with InMotion Hosting but the dilemma I am facing is whether or not to choose an SSL certificate that is EV vs DV. EV is way to expensive for my online stores that are startups. If I buy an SSL from InMotion it will be a DV SSL. Do you think I could get away with this for my online stores especially since they are startups and price is a concern?

I don’t know which is better for your scenario. I suggest that you ask InMotion Customer Support what alternatives you could purchase from.

Another way to think about it is that security confidence isn’t something to think cheaply about and go with the lowest bidder. An insecure credit card transaction or breach will be way more costly to repair (i.e., reparations, lost time, damaged reputation, etc.).

Hope this is helpful.

Roland Reinhart
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