10 Mobile Apps To Get Your Business News

Feed Your Mind…

Sometimes, you need to take your mind off of work for awhile and catch up with what’s going on in the world. I recommend these apps:

  1. Pulse News Reader iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch / Android
  2. BBC News iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch / Android
  3. Slate Magazine iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  4. NY Times iPad
  5. USA Today
  6. The Wall Street Journal iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  7. Reuters
  8. NPR iPad
  9. Entrepreneur Magazine iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
  10. The Onion iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch (Okay, not business, but you need a little fun!)

Live in New Jersey? Get NJ.com Business News with their iPhone/iPod Touch / Android app.

Hope you find this useful. If you have some alternative suggestions, please add to the comments below.
Thank you.

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