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  • Online Security

Cheap SSLCertificate — Worth the Risk?

Hi Roland, I need to purchase a EV multidomain SSL certificate for several websites and I also need to purchase a wildcard SSL certificate for the res [...]

  • This metal drawer has a forgotten history.

This Metal Box

This will seem really odd, but this old, green metal box is very representative of my childhood surroundings and the industrial manufacturing my paren [...]

  • Liquid Web Cloud Sites

Liquid Web Cloud Sites Review

Wondering if Liquid Web Cloud Sites is right for you? I had been using the Rackspace Cloud Sites service since late 2012 and wrote a review back in M [...]

  • Website Content Management System

Should I transcribe my videos?

Hi Roland,Quick question for you…do you advise people have their videos transcribed so that search engines can pick-up keywords (or should them simply [...]

  • Husky Adjustable Work Table

Adjustable Height Work Table as a Standing Desk

It's been nearly a year that I've been using one form or another of a standing desk. I've been trying to prove to myself how what I'm willing to toler [...]

  • FacePalm

Change your Yahoo password, again!

A few months ago (Sept 2016), Yahoo announced the disturbing news that the user details for millions of Yahoo accounts were stolen in 2013. The stolen [...]

Can I collect money for a nonprofit with my PayPal account

Hi Roland, Regarding our PayPal account. Can I use that to collect contributions for the nonprofit I also work with? [Edited for clarity and confiden [...]

  • Web Analytics, Google Analytics Bridgewater NJ

How to: link tracking for document download or outbound links

Hi Roland, We want to share a link to a document with various partners. What ability do we have to track clicks and visits? [Edited for clarity and c [...]

  • Something is wrong. Where's the picture?

How to build ecommerce website

Hello Roland, I am thinking of dipping my toe in the water, and creating a small web-site. For now, I would need simple, with the most complex part, [...]

  • Can Social Media be effectively used for your business?

Do I need a Social Media Policy?

Hi Roland, We need to establish a “Social Media Policy” for employees and another for parents. Might you have any information on creating these polic [...]

  • Online Appointment Scheduling

How to: Online Appointment Scheduling

By providing self-service, online appointment scheduling on your website, you enable prospects with the convenience of selecting a day/time to meet wi [...]

  • Do Not Cross

How much info is too much info?

Q: Roland, my client wants to add a lot of personal information to her website. What's your recommendation? A: The harsh reality is that your prospect [...]

  • You'll need to determine the ideal height for your fixed height office standing desk. You may also need to elevate the keyboard, mouse and monitor(s).

My Standing Desk Experiment

Pain is a part of life. I get grumpy when pain is interfering with my ability to work. I avoid medication for pain because I need my head clear to foc [...]

  • Maybe it's time to try Plan B.

Don’t give up just yet. You haven’t tried everything.

A friend of mine was feeling down. She's smart, hardworking, seasoned; and has bootstrapped her consulting business for years. Having put a lot of eff [...]

  • Porcupine defender

Prepare for a ransomware attack so it won’t cripple your business!

I imagine that you do quite a lot already to comply with data security for your business -- and health records if you have a medical practice. But did [...]

  • Web browser malware warning

New malware infecting WordPress websites

That's a scary message, right? I received a frantic message from a client who self-hosts several websites. Google and other browsers would show a sc [...]

  • Example of Facebook business page settings + restrictions

Facebook page doesn’t appear when not logged in

I come across this at least once a month. Someone says they're managing a Facebook business page but for some mysterious reason, it doesn't appear pub [...]

  • Clueless man on row boat

Planning to use Google AdWords? Don’t use the ‘AdWords Express’ version!

I just helped another victim business owner who was duped into using Google AdWords EXPRESS. Every month I have the same conversation with new people [...]

  • Warning Tape Do Not Cross

Don’t unleash your intern on your website

Have a student intern and want to keep him/her busy? Great. But please don't unleash them to update your website without a clear plan and supervision! [...]

  • Use Video to make your content more dynamic. Contact Reinhart Marketing in Bridgewater, NJ.

Should we live stream an event?

A client asked me... Q.) Hi Roland. We are having a big event soon. How tricky would it be to live stream an event from our website? A.) I'm going to [...]

  • What's your decision path?

Should I put ads or affiliate advertising links on my business website?

A client asked me... Q.) Roland, I've heard I can make money by linking my website to Amazon. Should I do that? How do I do that? A.) No / Yes / Maybe [...]

  • Something is wrong. Where's the picture?

Are website outages normal?

A client asked me... Q.) See the website outage report below. Is this normal? Or bad? A.) Unfortunately it's not uncommon. In this example, there were [...]

  • Web browser malware warning - Yikes, an upset baby is staring at you. Wow, she does not happy at all.

Your WordPress website was hacked? Don’t fear, recovery is possible.

Oh crap! Usually a client contacts me in a state of panic because something horrible has happened, like this... Yup, it's likely his/her website migh [...]

  • Make your website mobile friendly. A mobile responsive website layout reorganizes to fit different device screen sizes and orientation. Contact Reinhart Marketing in Bridgewater, NJ.

Make your website mobile friendly

Will your full size website look good on the small screen of a modern smartphone? Possibly, but it's not the best user browsing experience. When a bra [...]

  • Create an employee email policy for your business

Create an email usage policy for your employees

If you are running a business with more than one employee using your company email, you absolutely need to set a workplace email usage policy to defin [...]

  • Add SPF Record to your domain name zone file

Have a Google Apps Mail delivery problem?

Emails disappearing into the void of the Internet is a common issue. There are many logical and mysterious reasons why your message doesn't arrive whe [...]

  • Example domain registration expired error message

Don’t let your domain name expire

Imagine a prospect clicked through to your website and saw this... Even worse, you didn't even know your website's domain had expired. The risks: If y [...]

  • Will your business survive another year?

Milestone: Completed 7 years in business

I read a lot, mainly on the topics of business and digital marketing. As I approached my 7th anniversary of running my own business, I had been readin [...]

  • 1-2-3-4-5 I have the same combination on my luggage@

Please take your password security more seriously

I'm sure you've seen news articles every year about the most common passwords are "12345", "123456", etc. You probably roll your eyes and ponder how c [...]

  • High five success!

Is your website effective? 5 questions to ask yourself…

Your website represents your brand 24/7 and should be the main destination to drive prospects to from all your online activity. Ask yourself these que [...]

  • How to enable Google 2-step verification

Enable 2-step verification for your Google Account

With all the cyber threats and data breaches, you must take digital security more seriously than ever, especially if you are collaborating with others [...]

  • Misbehaving threat.

Pop Quiz: Legit email or scam?

You'd think by now that people wouldn't fall for email scams. Unfortunately that's not the case. So the flood of crap to the inbox is worse than ever [...]

  • Apollo 11 Moon Landing 1969

Your business on the moon? Stop dreaming, get started!

NASA mobilized thousands of workers and contractors to make that happen. In 1969, that dream was realized. Getting your business off the ground should [...]

  • The Heartbleed Bug

Should I worry about the Heartbleed Bug?

The Heartbleed Bug: What you need to know In the past week, the media has been reporting about a serious vulnerability called the Heartbleed Bug affec [...]

  • Choosing the right domain name for business

How to register a domain name (FAQ)

This article is a primer to help you understand what a domain name is and how to register a domain name for your business. What is a domain name? Thin [...]

  • Porcupine defender

Someone Stealing Your Content? Prevent Content Theft

Do you work hard to write original content for your website? Imagine how frustrating it is to find your articles reprinted without your permission on [...]

  • Something is wrong. Where's the picture?

Website Uptime Monitoring — Do you know when your website goes down?

I have many conversations each month where I learn that a website owner has no idea when their website goes down. (Yes, all websites go down, some mor [...]

Celebrating 5 Years In Business

Wow, the business is passing another annual milestone. I had the entrepreneurial fever to officially launch it in 2008 -- without any clue as to the h [...]

Best Ways To Ruin Your Website Design

As a Marketing Consultant, I speak to many entrepreneurs looking to build their first website. I find it odd how I keep running into people that want [...]

Rackspace Cloud Sites Review

In 2016, Rackspace sold their Cloud Sites business to Liquid Web. During 1Q2017 they will transition their customers to Liquid Web. The information be [...]

Hurricane Sandy NJ Business Recovery Resources

Here's some New Jersey specific business recovery information I've pieced together from various sources. I hope you find this helpful. Statewide Hurri [...]

Celebrating 4 Years In Business

I'm pleased that we've passed our 4 year mark. A year ago, while reflecting on the first three years in business, I dwelled on how hard it was to pres [...]

How To Accept Credit Card Payments

Why chase down clients to pay you by check when you can get paid faster via credit card? You might need to raise your prices a bit to build in the mer [...]

Using VGA Adapter With iPad/iPhone Apps

Love the iPad. I take it to every meeting. Recently started connecting it via VGA adapter to projectors and monitors for presentations I give. But I h [...]

Is Someone Snooping In Your Facebook Account?

Once you put any information online about yourself, you toss aside any assumption of privacy. In a "walled garden" like Facebook, some people become a [...]

How To Download Facebook Data

"Data liberation" is a good trend among social media websites. Considering how many hours you spend loading those sites with your content, it's good t [...]

Creative Facebook Pages

I love how creative some people can get with mundane things like your Facebook profile/page. Check these inspirational examples out... My personal fav [...]

Should You Use Google Sites To Build/Host Your Website?

While counseling small business owners, I hear many complaints about free website design and hosting solutions. For entrepreneurs starting out on a ti [...]

How To Run A Profitable Small Business

A colleague of mine asked whether the rates he was charging were appropriate as compared to others in the industry. He also expressed overall concern [...]

No Cost Entrepreneurial Training For The Unemployed

Are you or someone you know out of work? Thinking about starting your own business? Get the training, counseling, skills and support you’ll need -- at [...]

Here’s Why Your Local Business Needs To Be Found Online

I am constantly surprised at the stubborn response I get from some small business owners, especially the ones that depend on local business. They com [...]

Happy 3rd Anniversary

Today is our company's official 3 year anniversary. People thought I was crazy to start a new business in fall of 2008. People questioned me, "are you [...]

Don’t Ask Me For Spec Work

I was quoted in a recent article: "Is Spec Work A Dead End?" The general consensus among the seasoned professionals was a resounding yes. I lost track [...]

Taking Control Of A Marketing Mess

You've inherited the marketing responsibility at your company. Congratulations! But what if either you've inherited a messy marketing campaign, or it [...]

Data Supporting Why To Avoid Flash On Your Website

I've written before about how Flash Websites Are A Bad Choice For Small Businesses. Now, let's put it in another perspective. There are nearly 200 40 [...]

You Ask For My Opinion Yet Impose Scary Restrictions?

When you ask people for free help, you simply cannot impose a ton of legal terms and conditions. For example, surveys. People love to give their two c [...]

Designing An eCommerce Website – How To Increase Sales Conversions

I review a lot of eCommerce websites for business owners that I counsel, as well as for prospects who come to me for services. Assuming they've done a [...]

Your Website Is Down – But Who’s Fault Is It?

Twice this week, my day started with an urgent email from a client saying: "My website is down!" I've been through this routine enough times over the [...]

Avoid These DIY Email Marketing Mistakes

It's Spring time. I'm proud that some of my clients have become enthusiastic and are rejuvenating their marketing efforts. What worries me is all the [...]

Concerns About Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

I was quoted in an article: "Should Entrepreneurs Outsource Social Media Marketing?" Outsourcing Social Media Marketing tasks to a Virtual Assistant h [...]

Tips To Select A Web Hosting Service

I was quoted in an article that appeared on "10 Things to Look for in a Web Hosting Service." Support Parking Service Backup Uptime Guarantee [...]

Don’t Be Obnoxious

I read and respond regularly to Help A Reporter and Reporter Connection. This request annoyed me for it's arrogance: Seeking career authors and expert [...]

Your Arrogance Could Be Why Your Website Performs Poorly

While counseling business owners or meeting with prospects, I am often surprised at how some people try to be clever and instead end up confusing thei [...]

Combine Your Blog And Your Main Business Website

I've noticed that there are quite a few "website designers"* who are spreading poor advice around, due to their lack of knowledge and/or experience wi [...]

The Guy’s Got His Sh*t Together!

What greater compliment could I receive this week than: "The Guy's Got His Sh*t Together!" That cracked me up. It's not exactly something that can be [...]

Social Media For Business: What You Need To Know

Social Media... Do I need it? What am I doing right? What am I doing wrong? Is it worth my time? Those are some of the topics addressed in this presen [...]

Access Your Gmail From Desktop Or Mobile Device

With the recent release of the iPhone on the Verizon network, I've had quite a few clients contacting me to ask for help to access their business emai [...]

10 Mobile Apps To Get Your Business News

Feed Your Mind... Sometimes, you need to take your mind off of work for awhile and catch up with what's going on in the world. I recommend these apps: [...]

How To Reduce Business Email Spam

Junk email ("spam") is part of your everyday online experience. Email triage is necessary to prioritize your day, but it's highly unproductive having [...]

Starting A New Business? Then Get Out And Meet People!

I meet a fair number of small business owners and startup entrepreneurs who are very timid about getting out and meeting other business owners. Or may [...]

10 Mobile Apps To Help You Stay Connected

For business or personal sanity, it's never been easier to keep tabs on what's going on in your social circle. Keep up with Friends, "friends," busine [...]

How To Stop Unwanted Calls From Telemarketers

As a Marketing Consultant, I'm always thinking about how to get a good, quality, prospect lead. But I'm also a consumer that hates getting unsolicited [...]

Get Organized With Evernote

I love Evernote. It's part of my daily routine to file away nuggets of info I know that I'll need to reference in the future. It's available as a desk [...]

  • Warning Tape Do Not Cross

Protect Your Customer Data!

Many large companies and government organizations have made serious errors while handling and losing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) about t [...]

10 Mobile Apps To Help You Organize Your Business

I find myself dependent on technology to keep me organized, focused and prioritized. Throughout the day I regularly capture and tweak info in a variet [...]

Remove Your Spokeo Listing

Don't you hate how companies sell your data without your permission? As a marketing professional, I have often dealt with confidential information. So [...]

Why Hide Your Telephone Number?

I find it curious that a growing number of business start ups are not publishing their phone number. I experience this when I'm counseling new entrepr [...]

Should You Respond To Link Exchange Requests?

Have you ever received an email like this? From: Subject: Link Exchange Request from Some Company You Never [...]

Mobile Apps To Help You Run Your Business

Staying connected while out and about is important to me. As a marketing consultant, these are mobile apps available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and i [...]

How To Make An Effective Website

When hired to redesign a business website, I always ask the client what he/she thinks was wrong with the old one. Aside from looking outdated, the res [...]

Sluggish Computer Driving You Crazy?

Is your PC or Mac very sluggish? Do you find yourself waiting what seems to be an unreasonable amount of time for applications to open or perform stan [...]

Flash Websites Are A Bad Choice For Small Businesses

I am frequently approached by business owners looking to build an updated (2nd or 3rd generation) version of their website. What surprises me are that [...]

  • Create an employee email policy for your business

Establish Your Business Email Policy

If you are running a business with more than one employee using your company email, you absolutely need to set a workplace email policy to define clea [...]

How To Backup Your Linkedin Contacts

When was the last time you've backed up your contact data in your Linkedin profile? Never? Don't worry, you can backup your Linkedin contacts right no [...]

A Professional Email Address Adds Credibility

Are you still using a generic web-based email account for your business? Well, I won't take you seriously if you send me business-related email from y [...]

Delete Your Contacts

Yes, you heard me correctly. Start the new year by pruning people from your: Address book Contact Management System Linkedin Facebook Twitter Why? It' [...]

Email Scam Prevention Tips

It's happened again... one of my clients got scammed by an email they received. It can happened to even the most vigilant person. It can happen to you [...]

Selling Bulk Products B2B

I provided some counseling to a business owner who wanted to sell bulk lots to commercial buyers. The question being posed to me was how to send a fli [...]

Should We Work Together? (Or Not!)

I find myself turning down a lot of business opportunities lately. You might think I'm crazy. Perhaps. In fact I think it would be quite irresponsible [...]

Tip From My Doppelgänger

Ever Google yourself? Many people find dozens if not hundreds of listings for other people sharing the same name. I am fortunate that I only compete a [...]

Starting A Business During The Recession

When Roland Reinhart took the leap and launched his own marketing and advertising business in Bridgewater in the middle of 2008, he had no idea that t [...]

Learn Search Engine Optimization

I'm often asked how I've learned so much about search engine marketing and particularly search engine optimization (SEO) because I make very detailed [...]

How To Select Email Marketing Service Provider

I've been asked many times to manage email newsletters for people. Most I decline. Why? Because to do it right takes a serious investment of time and [...]

Bridgewater Marketing Consultant Embraces Technology

Roland Reinhart has seen the poorly composed e-mails from some small business owners who aren't aware of the finer points of electronic marketing. Som [...]

How To Detect Email Scams

Have you noticed how increasingly frustrating it is to sift legitimate email from those who wish to part us from our money? No matter how vigilant [...]