Should I transcribe my videos?

Hi Roland, Quick question for you…do you advise people have their videos transcribed so that search engines can pick-up keywords (or should them simpl [...]

Adjustable Height Work Table as a Standing Desk

It's been nearly a year that I've been using one form or another of a standing desk. I've been trying to prove to myself how what I'm willing to toler [...]

How to: link tracking for document download or outbound links

Hi Roland, We want to share a link to a document with various partners. What ability do we have to track clicks and visits? [Edited for clarity and c [...]

By | November 19th, 2016|Categories: All, How To, Internet Marketing Tips|Comments Off on How to: link tracking for document download or outbound links

How to build ecommerce website

Hello Roland, I am thinking of dipping my toe in the water, and creating a small web-site. For now, I would need simple, with the most complex part, [...]

Do I need a Social Media Policy?

Hi Roland, We need to establish a “Social Media Policy” for employees and another for parents. Might you have any information on creating these polic [...]

How to: Online Appointment Scheduling

By providing self-service, online appointment scheduling on your website, you enable prospects with the convenience of selecting a day/time to meet wi [...]

How much info is too much info?

Q: Roland, my client wants to add a lot of personal information to her website. What's your recommendation? A: The harsh reality is that your prospect [...]

My Standing Desk Experiment

Pain is a part of life. I get grumpy when pain is interfering with my ability to work. I avoid medication for pain because I need my head clear to foc [...]

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